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from the inbox this week:

  • decentralized networks and filesystems (esp. IPFS and GUN)
  • an automated system that plays Desert Bus
  • a model that classifies audio clips as containing one or the other of the words “spam” and “ham”
  • small data
  • a graph of podcast hosts, the shows they’ve been on, and how they’re connected (or, The Seven Degrees of Merlin Mann)
— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

another gem, this time from a code review:

You should not mutate something that you do not own.

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

dear everyone: please stop using capital letters in email addresses. i get that you’re trying to separate words, but it looks weird. thanks, bradley

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

from the standup this morning:

scrum points are for the team

also, lightly edited:

the moment we start counting points individually is the moment i start looking for a new job

this team is great

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

PyTorch no longer supports this GPU because it is too old.


i mean, the card is over seven years old, but still rude

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

from the inbox this week:

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

actual quote from the other half of a pair programming session last week:

…so yeah, a monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors.

other interesting terms that he used and i don’t yet understand:

  • generic types
  • generic functions
  • functors (which i guess are related to endofunctors?)
  • Church encoding

you know how they say if you’re the smartest person in the room, then find a new room? yeah, i’ll be in this room for a while, i think

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

a sample of items from my inbox this week:

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

inotify is pretty cool

— 17:43 on 2020-05-17 (Sun)

look man, i know you’re the recruiter and i’m just some guy, but i’m pretty sure “DevSecOps” isn’t a thing

— 18:30 on 2020-05-05 (Tue)

sometimes i restart the TypeScript server just to make the red underlines go away

— 17:29 on 2020-05-05 (Tue)

Minecraft librarian villagers are BYOB (Bring Your Own Book)

— 22:45 on 2020-05-01 (Fri)

i’m beginning to realize that i like the idea of Rust more than i actually like writing code in it

then again, maybe i’m just impatient/ignorant

— 11:37 on 2020-04-25 (Sat)

has the “h” in “GitHub” been capitalized this whole time?

— 10:29 on 2020-04-25 (Sat)

TIL that the intermediate unit between the bit and the word is the “syllable”, at least according to the people who designed and built the Launch Vehicle Digital Computer for the Apollo program

the terms for computing concepts are sometimes cute in this way, I’ve noticed (see also: nibble, jiffy, and probably others)

— 22:54 on 2020-04-24 (Fri)

it looks like both of my Adafruit Feather 32u4’s died while sitting in my drawer? they seem to respond to double reset button presses, which apparently puts them in bootloader mode (or some such) and makes the LED glow, but they don’t show up as a USB device on either of my machines. probably something i’ve done wrong, but still annoying

— 22:23 on 2020-04-23 (Thu)

man, java GUIs look worse and worse every time i see them

— 17:45 on 2020-04-23 (Thu)

i’ve just referred to the dishwasher as a washing machine for the second time in a few weeks, so i guess this is the end. it was a good run

— 16:05 on 2020-04-23 (Thu)

these are some test words for Logan

— 19:59 on 2020-04-22 (Wed)

okay, I think I’ve accounted for some edge cases in the posting script. if this comes through alright, then I might be able to stop working on it for a while

— 08:01 on 2020-04-22 (Wed)

cool, auto-committing seems to be working

— 21:12 on 2020-04-21 (Tue)

the first post is profound

— 21:08 on 2020-04-21 (Tue)