Bradley Gannon

Two-Meter Ham Radio Antenna, Part Two



The antenna works. 🎉 Here it is:

Two-meter ground plane antenna
Hanging from the clothesline, as intended
Close up of the antenna connector, which has a brass housing and holes for the grounded elements
The solder joints turned out to be strong enough on their own.
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Two-Meter Ham Radio Antenna, Part One


What is Ham Radio?

Amateur radio (better-known as “ham” radio) is a global hobby for people who like to build and use radio systems. The ham radio community is almost as old as radio technology itself. Most nations have a governing body that sets the rules for all users of the radio frequency spectrum, which is important because the spectrum is a shared resource. A malicious or careless operator can easily cause harmful interference that makes parts of the spectrum unusable in their area. Ham radio operators are licensed by their nation’s governing body and are subject to their rules. In exchange for compliance with the rules, licensed operators may build, buy, or trade equipment and use it to access the RF spectrum for many different purposes. One common use of the radio hobby is for emergency communication. When other forms of communication are inoperable due to natural disaster or equipment failure, radio persists.

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